A website builder for real estate professionals

Blockaby helps Real Estate Brokers, Homeowners, and Property Managers promote both rentals and sales with simple, beautiful real estate listings.


Detailed Photos

Potential clients want to see every detail of a property before they make a decision. With Blockaby, upload full-size photos of your real estate listings and Blockaby will provide a slideshow that loads fast on any computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world!

Share on Social Media

Promote your real estate listing on multiple social media sites – Blockaby provides the correct modern HTML that allows sites like Twitter and Facebook to properly display your listing with a large image and attention-grabbing description, not just a plain link.

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Brokers and Real Estate Agents

If your job involves selling and renting properties, Blockaby can save you time by giving each of your listings a simple website and a beautiful slideshow.

All you need to do is upload some photos of the property, add a description, and you will have a page to promote your listing that doesn't have any of the distractions that your brokerage's site may place around your listing. To promote your listings, Blockaby pages can be embedded on other sites and posted to Craigslist — Each listing has a QR code, short URL, social media promotion tools, and a slideshow that you can share anywhere!

Homeowners and FSBO Properties

Selling your own home or property may only happen once every 10 years, so you shouldn't have to deal with the stress of building a webpage. Blockaby gives you an easy-to-use page that is all about your home and the tools and promote it across the web.

Landlords and Management Companies

Overseeing rental properties is a difficult job, so Blockaby gives each of your vacant apartments a beautiful web presence with promotional tools included. Each vacant unit can have its own page and slideshow, and with the upcoming Premium plan, your business can have a dedicated site to promote all of your properties.