Help & FAQ

General Questions

What is Blockaby?

Blockaby is a site where real estate brokers or homeowners can make a web page to promote a property for sale or rental. We provide promotional tools to get properties rented or sold quickly!

How much does Blockaby cost?

All accounts may post one free listing, but it will be ad-supported and lack certain paid features. The Basic plan is only $8/month and unlocks every feature of the site! Visit to see plans and sign up for an account.

Who can use Blockaby?

Blockaby is a simple and elegant way to showcase any real estate listings and is primarily used by real estate agents and brokers, homeowners wishing to sell their own home (FSBO or for-sale-by-owner), and leasing agents and property managers renting out their apartments.

Is Blockaby a brokerage or real estate office?

No, Blockaby is not a licensed brokerage and does not employ real estate agents or conduct any real estate transactions. Blockaby provides tools that real estate agents or even homeowners can use to promote available properties, but we do not verify nor endorse the properties listed.

Using The Site

Where is Blockaby available?

Blockaby is based in the United States, but can be used to list properties all across the World. We accept payments via credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

Will the address of my listing be publicly visible?

Not unless you explicitly say so. The address of your listing is requested when you post a listing, but the listing will only publicly display the neighborhood name or general region name unless you choose to display the full address. Displaying the name of the city or neighborhood will give clients an idea of the area, while still allowing agents to promote "open" listings.

The filenames of photos will also be rewritten when uploaded to Blockaby, so that a photo named "401_14th_St_living_room.jpg" will be changed to something like "nkctr6ojpv4oiizkavks.jpg" to prevent unknowingly exposing the street address.

Should I backup my photos?

Yes, always! Do not delete the original versions of your photographs. When you upload photos to Blockaby, they will be modified to load faster over the Internet, and if they are especially large, they may be resized. When you delete your listing, it will also immediately delete all photos of that listing, so please keep your original photos in a safe place.

Promote Your Listings

Share on Social Media

Blockaby makes it easy for both agents and their potential clients to share listings on social media. On each listing page, there are social media buttons to easily post your listing across many popular sites. Blockaby listings use modern methods behind the scenes to be fully compatible on social media and display large photos and full descriptions, not just a text link. For example, posting a Blockaby listing to Twitter or Facebook will include a large feature image, your listing's title, and a short description of the property, where a link to a brokerage site would only display as a text URL.

Contact Support

Have a question or problem and need to contact someone? Email Blockaby Support or send a message to @Blockaby on Twitter.